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We are super excited to let you know that OgilvieGems now offer clients the amazing opportunity to pay for their lifelong investment. What makes this opportunity so amazing is that he is not a depreciating vehicle you taking on hire repurchase that you will only use for 5 years, this is a lifelong investment, even if you could theoretically pay it off over 30 years it would still be amazing, after all this is forever!


When we say it lasts a lifetime, we mean it.

5 star review  “From the first email Alan and his team have provided exceptional service. The communication and level of involvement in the entire process of creating your special piece of jewelry is impeccable. I absolutely love my eternity ring. Thank you so much for the love, care and craftsmanship that has gone into my one of a kind piece. I would highly recommend OgilvieGems to anyone looking for more than just a ring”
5 star review  “Absolutely amazing team and amazing customer care. Thank you for making the whole process effortless! After the experience at Ogilvie it feels like we’ve become friends. Nothing was ever too much trouble and I never once felt like “just a number”. Thank you! Not even to mention to masterpiece that came out of it !:
5 star review  “Thanks OgilvieGems for everything. The service was excellent from the first time I contacted you. Thanks for a truly beautiful design and for constantly ensuring everything went even better than I expected”

Dear Young Couple…

You’re madly in love and have finally found the person that you want to share the rest of your life with.

We’re truly happy for you!

Whether you guys have been planning your engagement for some time already, or if your partner has no idea what is coming, I think it goes without saying…

The perfect partner deserves the perfect ring & It’s within your power to make that a reality.

Did you know…


And that’s because 80% of guys don’t know what they’re doing when making this once in a lifetime purchase decision.

But don’t worry ladies, we make 110% sure that your partner WILL NOT BE THAT GUY!

The truth is that women already know EXACTLY what they want in their engagement ring, right?

She’s known her whole life.

Just like the wedding day, she’s dreamt of it every week since she was a little girl.

We’re pretty sure you have an inbox full of DMs from her hinting at her vibe and desired designs.

But it can be very easy to slip up…

For example.

When you guys are walking around the mall and pass a Jewelry store and your girl stops at points at a R132K ring and says, “that’s pretty”.

Please, gents, that’s all she means! Pretty is not I want!

Don’t make the mistake of buying her that ring for your engagement!

I think she could tell you now, she’d be grossly disappointed.

You see, the ring that she desires and needs DOES NOT EXIST YET!

Perhaps it exists, but that specific one, was not made specifically for her. DOES SHE NOT DESERVE BETTER!

She desires, needs & expects something that is unique to her and only her.

You know better than anyone on the planet that she only deserves the very best.

And it’s in your power to make that a reality.

And we’re here to help you do exactly that.

OgilvieGems is SA’s #1 Premier Custom Crafters of the finest engagement rings on the market.

Her desire is our passion.

So, if you want to give your dream girl the perfect ring on her special day, then click on the button below now to secure your FREE no-obligation OgilvieGems engagement ring consultation, and let’s help you bring her dreams to life.

There’s just one VERY important factor that you need to take into account when making this all-important decision…



You will only have yourself to blame if you don’t make an informed decision.

The price of a 1ct, brilliant cut, round diamond, starts at R11 900.

But the very same 1ct, brilliant cut, round diamond, can go up to the price of R333 900.

Both are 1ct Natural Diamonds.

So, in essence, the ring would look identical in terms of size and type of gem!


The specifications for each diamond differ vastly.

The point we’re putting across is that it’s not as simple as a ” a diamond is a a diamond”… “Or moissanite is just a moissanite…”

You get quality diamonds, and you get junk diamonds,  those you wouldn’t ever dream of giving to your loved one.

And the same is true for every gem on the market whether it be a diamond, moissanite, ruby, sapphire, etc.

You see, it is our aim and obligation to give you all the relevant information that you need to make an informed decision when creating the perfect ring.

And we know you.

You’re intelligent, insightful and understand the importance of doing your proper due diligence in every area of your life.

Let alone a once in lifetime, life-changing, purchasing decision like this.

So, with that being said, here’s all you need to know about the Ogilvie variety of gems that you can use to create the perfect engagement ring.


But that also doesn’t mean we don’t support the budget-conscious.

Not everyone has R150k for a good quality diamond, we know this.

& that’s exactly why we have such an amazing variety of gems to provide you with popular lifelong alternatives so that you can still create a beautiful, one of a kind, high quality, engagement ring within your budget.

You see, the biggest thing for you to understand is that we are not your local jeweler or chain store.

We support the higher end market looking for a custom and unique solution that we provide through highly specialised crafted, quality, and unique work.

When it comes to the ring colour, you can have your hearts desire in either

White Gold | Rose Gold | Yellow Gold or Platinum 

“It’s important to note that OgilvieGems only cast in 14K Gold, 18K Gold, and PT 950 Platinum”


And the reason for our minimum 14K gold usage is simply that we don’t craft any fine jewelry with less than 50% Purity.

9K & 10K Gold fall below 50% in purity, whereas our chosen materials range from 58.5% in purity up to 95%.

The same goes for all the Gems we use in our jewelry.

We hold our quality of gems to very highest standards, this is where the value lies and needs to represent your lifelong union.

We don’t even hold any pre-cut gems in stock. We bring in specific hand picked gems for each individual client.

We cannot stand companies pushing a runt of the litter – bulk stock buy –  onto you that’s not unique to her desires.

First comes her desires and dreams, then the design, then only do we bring in the gem.

As mentioned earlier, the difference in the quality of  gems available to you the purchaser can be from two different planets.

ESPECIALLY when it comes to your colorless gems such as your diamonds, moissanite, & sapphire.

Saying that all gems are the same is like saying all cars are the same and that there is no difference between a Mercedes Benz and a Honda.

The differences are clear.

Just because it’s not your industry, do not be fooled by prices and shininess…

OgilvieGems only make use of Loupe Clean or Eye Clean Graded Gems.

As for Mined Earth Diamonds: Only GIA Certified Natural Diamonds are used.

We have a passion for custom-tailored designs.

So we don’t restrict ourselves to just a singular brand or precious stone.

OgilvieGems specialize in…

  • Real Authentic Lab-Grown 100% Pure Diamonds
  • Charles and Colvard Certified and Created Moissanite – known as the worlds most brilliant gem
  • GIA Certified Earth Mined Natural Diamonds,
  • Natural and Lab-Created Sapphire,
  • Natural Morganite,
  • Lab-Created and Natural Emerald,
  • Lab-Created and Natural Rubies as well as other gemstones.

Note: When OgilvieGems mention lab-created, we’re not talking simulated, colored cubic or knock off creations as some use the term “lab made or created” very loosely.  We are talking high end specialised authentic pure compositionally accurate creations. The Real McCoy

So as you can tell, we hold our quality of work to extremely high standards.

This is why we aren’t the cheapest.

But, what exactly are those standards?

How do you know that we only use Mercedes Benz Gems, & not Honda Gems?

Let’s start with the most well known and classic “go-to” gem for engagement rings…

Earth Mined Natural Diamonds


When it comes to our Earth Mined Natural Diamonds, OgilvieGems only deal in GIA Certification for our Natural Diamond Counterparts.

We believe in using only the best in our specialised crafted designs; and in our personal opinion as jewellers, we have decided that GIA are the only route to go.

Established in 1931, the Gemological Institute of America, AKA GIA, is the world’s foremost authority on diamonds.

In the 1940s, GIA established the “4Cs” and the International Diamond Grading System™.

To this day, this is used as the worldwide standard for evaluating diamond quality.

Houses have deeds.

Vehicles have titles and registration.

So It only makes sense that you have similar documentation for something as precious as your diamond purchase.

A GIA Diamond Grading Report verified by OgilvieGems is your assurance that your diamond is in actual fact, a real natural diamond.

GIA is the industry standard and so is OgilvieGems, if it’s not industry standard, we do not want it and we will not retail it.

It’s either the best or nothing. – because as you know, she only deserves the very best.

But we’re going to be honest with you here.

As lovely and fancy as a traditional old school natural earth diamond sounds, believe it or not, it’s not our favourite option.


How much do you think the perfect diamond is worth?

There was a study conducted on the actual tangible value of a FLAWLESS 1ct Earth Mined Diamond.

The study found that If we had to implement all the latest technology that we have today,

Open up every possible mining site,

And give mining rights to every possible mining lobby,

The real and actual tangible value of a flawless 1ct Earth Mined Diamond comes to only +-$30!

No, we didn’t miss a couple of zeros there.

That’s less than R600. Yes your R300 000,00 stone is worth around R600! If taken the above factors into consideration. Relax and read on.

Some people called it the De Beer’s conspiracy theory, the world’s most ingenious marketing strategy – pay 3x your salary on a diamond and others just a plain old price control.

But here’s the truth…

In the past, the growth of the world economy was built on predominantly mineral resources.

& diamonds were a big part of that.

But today, we have things like tourism, arts & culture, agriculture, and the like, that contributes to the growth of our world economy.

So with today’s climate and globalization, can you imagine what would happen to the world economy if we had to flood the market with flawless natural earth mined diamonds at only $30?

It would break. Yep, total economic meltdown

And that shows you that natural earth mined diamonds actually hold no real value.

I tell this to my clients all the time:

If you walk into the mall tomorrow and purchase a R100K diamond ring and then walk straight to the cash for gold kiosk.

You’d get less than 30c to the rand for that ring.

You’d be lucky to get R25k for your R100K diamond ring.

You see…


The real true value of a once in a lifetime engagement ring lies in the sentiment, beauty, and in the longevity of it.

Even more of a reason for you to design a ring for your loved one that’s unique to only her – because nothing else actually matters.

And we’re not saying you shouldn’t purchase a natural earth mined diamond for your partner.

If that were the case, then we wouldn’t sell them & FYI, we make more money on Natural Diamonds than any other alternative. Its simple math. % profit of a higher value is more profit in our pockets.

We just want you to understand WHY you’re purchasing a natural earth diamond if that’s what you want.

You’re doing it because you love her.

You want her to wear something special that she will love for the rest of her life.

And for you, and more importantly for her, a diamond that comes from our natural earth is not what’s going to add that special touch. Its her desired design that ads that special touch.

Real Authentic Lab Grown Diamonds


You might be thinking, “are lab diamonds real diamonds?”

Absolutely they are!

An Authentic Lab Grown diamond is just that a 100% a real diamond. By every definition of this precious gem, there is no characteristic that define a gem from another that would make it not so.


Our lab diamonds are indistinguishable from mined diamonds.

Color for color, carat for carat, clarity for clarity, cut for cut and any other specification for specification, grown diamonds are 100% identical to mined diamonds!

Lab-created diamonds are grown by recreating the exact conditions underneath the earth that result in diamond growth: pressure, heat, & carbon.

To the trained eye of a professional jeweler with decades of experience, grown diamonds and natural diamonds of the same quality look identical. Yes, no jewler can identify the difference.

Even traditional jewelers’ tools such as microscopes or loupes cannot detect the difference between a laboratory-grown diamond and a natural, mined diamond.

It’s impossible – because both are real authentic diamonds.

Only a certified laboratory can tell these apart from one another based on origin and growth lines within the stones sutures.

What is the difference between a fake diamond and a lab-grown diamond?

A ‘fake diamond’, better known as a ‘diamond simulant’, contains zero carbon and uses a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating instead.

A fake diamond comes in the form of a Cubic Zirconia or other alternative  that is coated in nano-diamond veneers.

Authentic pure diamonds (Natural or lab-grown) are made entirely from carbon, whereas cubic zirconia, simulated or diamond simulants contains zero carbon!

CZs are much weaker than diamonds and have different light performance and patterning.

Any jeweler can easily tell the difference between a diamond and an inferior diamond simulant such as CZ.

And of course, all our natural and grown diamonds are certified & verified.

Why do we love Grown Diamonds so much?

1. They’re pretty cool if you think about it

We know it’s probably not the “best sales” reason.

But hey, come on, we love our phones, our TV’s our cars, and all things “technologically advanced”, right?

So why not love the greatest advancement in decades?

2. Superior quality & purity

Objectively, diamonds grown above the Earth are purer than “dirt diamonds” that have been blasted out of the Earth with dynamite and diesel.

Compared to diamonds grown in the chaos under the Earth, diamonds grown by mankind have fewer defects and less strain in the crystal structure.

Quite simply, the more pure the diamond, the better, brighter, and whiter the gemstone.

3. Guaranteed free of conflict

For the conscious consumer (and for those of you who aren’t – we mean for the average decent human being), a diamond’s origin matters!

Our grown diamonds are guaranteed to sustainably grow in state-of-the-art facilities operated by well-compensated employees.

Sourcing from only the best the world has to offer, we know exactly who we are dealing with.

4. Environmentally friendly

The extraction of diamonds from the earth is fossil fuel-intensive, environmentally damaging, and becoming less sustainable every year.

Diamond mines are some of the largest holes ever dug in the earth, requiring immense amounts of fossil fuels to extract the gemstones with heavy machinery.

One single diamond mine to be dug in India in the coming years will require the cutting down of 492,000 trees – facts from ADA

Growing diamonds uses a fraction of that energy and does not contaminate fragile ecosystems in rivers and lakes.

5. Bang for your buck

Grown diamonds are priced based on their 4Cs characteristics, identical to that of mined diamonds.

The difference being that grown diamonds typically retail for 40-50% less than mined diamonds of comparable size and quality!

Yup, although identical in every shape and form, lab-grown diamonds are HALF THE PRICE of earth mined diamond.

So you can actually get a bigger & better diamond for your budget to truly wow your partner by choosing a lab-grown diamond.

6. It’s a true investment

You are investing in the future of humanity, not just your partner, but the future of the world!

By choosing grown diamonds as you are directly supporting research and development in cutting edge technology in categories such as:

– Medicine
– Sanitation
– Computing
– Agriculture
– Manufacturing
– Material Science
– Renewable Energy
– & much more.

75% of top diamond growers are actively growing diamonds for purposes other than gemstones.

Yes, diamonds are used for so much more than just a shiny ring on a finger.

It could actually save your life next time you are in the theater!

These diamond growers use the revenue from the gemstones they grow to fund their R&D efforts and to expand their production capacity to support the development of high tech applications of diamonds such as laser lenses, surgical knives, water purifying devices, & more.

7. Most importantly, SHE DESERVES IT!!!

Let’s face it, you want to give her the world, but you cant.

You can’t for two reasons.

1. Budget

2. You just can’t see yourself buying an object that harmed the earth.

The good news is that now you can!

Forget about bang for your buck, forget about investment, forget about mined vs grown.


She deserves the best you can give her.

And for as long as she has been alive, she has dreamt of this day.

The day you place this shiny rock on her hand and say you are worth it.

And with a Lab Grown Diamond, you can give her what she truly deserves, and more!

Charles and Colvard Certified and Created Moissanite

Of all the Gems in the world, Moissanite is the closest and best alternative to an earthed mined diamond there is. Moissanite has been dubbed the worlds most brilliant gem by Scientists.

Although OgilvieGems are diamond jewelers by “trade”, through the years we have come to love the environmentally friendly and conflict-free created moissanite, and honestly we prefer it to a diamond. NOTE: Has to be the right Moissanite.

OgilvieGems South Africa is an official registered Charles & Colvard Retailer and one of the top promoters of the brand.

Charles and Colvard are the Original re-creators, patent holders and pioneers of moissanite, the first in their class and the best in their class.

Do not be fooled by other imitations in the market. Whenever doing research use your common sense and intellect and be guided by that.

There is only a hand full of genuine Moissanite dealers across the world that maintain the highest standards possible, with Charles & Colvard being on the top of that list for 30 years.

Charles and Colvard are also the only moissanite company to:

  • Ensure the expected future value of your moissanite – see how
  • Use a specialised hand faceting technique (especially for this birefringent rough stone) to ensure that there is no comparable moissanite in the market
  • Be publicly traded and listed on the USA Stock Exchange
  • Use a special growth technique (up to three months) for the worlds most unique rough before cutting. No other company in the world uses this patented 30 year researched and developed technique

Moissanite is a unique and rare jewel with more fire, brilliance, and sparkling luster than any other jewel or gemstone, including a diamond, even the growth process of a diamond under perfect conditions is only two weeks compared to three months with Charles and Colvard.

All Moissanite is sold with a Charles and Colvard Ltd Lifetime Warranty.

Giving you the assurance that its beauty will never fade. It’s guaranteed to last forever.


Better Made, Better Cut

Moissanite is one of the rarest minerals found in nature and our experts have recreated moissanite in a exceptional,  artfully crafted, socially responsible, and eternally brilliant technique. By using our specialised rough moissanite (the only rough of its kind in the world) and unique hand faceting techniques especially for this birefringent stone ensures that there is no comparable moissanite in the market.


Redefining Luxury

Forever One is our premium brand of moissanite, and it’s helping create new standards within the fine jewelry industry. Being the ony moissanite that has an expected futue value, it redefines luxury that is incomparable.


Better For The World

We prioritize environmental and ethical responsibility in the creation of our moissanite. The beauty and premium quality of our gems, paired with our commitment to our principles, makes Forever One a superior, sustainable, and conflict-free gemstone.


Created With Intention To Defy Expectation

Forever One is the epitome of created moissanite. It’s the outcome of over 20 years of continued innovation and is available in two color grades: colorless and near-colorless.


The Promise of Forever

Every Forever One created gem is guaranteed to remain as beautiful as the day you bought it and comes with a limited lifetime warranty that protects against damage to the stone and any changes in color, clarity or brilliance.


Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite

We’ve been creating moissanite for more than two decades and have spent this time tirelessly refining the way we produce this beautiful, man-made gemstone. We’re dedicated to creating better products and developing better techniques to enhance the stunning brilliance of our moissanite.



As one of the “big four” Gems (diamond, rubies, emeralds, and sapphire), Sapphire and Diamond are the only “durable” gems that come in a colorless variety.

This makes sapphire the ideal diamond alternative at a fraction of the cost.

Over the years we have noticed a need for a more affordable range of colorless long-lasting durable diamond alternatives.

Although Sapphire is known for its exceptional color variation, the greatest need in South Africa was durable affordable Engagement Rings that stood the test of time!

By simply choosing the perfect size, shape, and cut of your sapphire, pairing it with your desired design, you will see your dream become a reality.

Why Saphire?

There’s no doubt that diamonds are the most popular stone choice for engagement rings, but the question you have to ask yourself is:

Is diamond the right gem for me?

Both stones have their pros and cons and often the choice simply comes down to personal preference.

If you’re debating between the two, this sapphire vs. diamond showdown has everything you need to know.


The hardness rating of a gemstone measures its resistance to being scratched.

Because engagement rings are usually worn every day, the durability of the stone is important.

Both diamonds and sapphires can take the heat, though.

Diamonds are rated 10 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, while sapphires are rated a 9.

Unless you only plan to wear your engagement ring on special occasions only, it’s best to choose a stone on the high end of the Mohs hardness scale to ensure a long lifespan for your ring.

Studies have shown that Emeralds {Mohs 7-8,5} one of the “big four gems” have poor durability when it comes to the longevity of gemstone when used as a daily wearer.

Thus not every gemstone is a good choice for an engagement ring!

Although diamonds are harder than sapphires, they’re not necessarily as chip resistant.

It all has to do with their crystalline structure, therefore diamonds actually chip easier than sapphires.

Some say sapphires are tougher, but this is debatable as sapphires do tend to show their wear more than diamonds especially in terms of light scratches.

Based on this, Sapphire and Diamond outshine the rest, but which is the best?

Sapphire vs. Diamond Hardness Winner: Diamond


Sapphires can be found in only a handful of locations around the world.

At these locations most of the recovered stones are of industrial quality that never enters the gem trade, making sapphire, especially gem grade quality sapphire, 10 times rarer than a diamond.

In terms of a Diamond Alternative, you’re looking at a “White Sapphire”.

White sapphires are completely colorless sapphires.

A sapphire receives its color from the trace elements present within the earth when the crystal is forming.

White sapphires are completely untouched by trace elements making them extremely rare and an excellent alternative to a classic diamond.

Untreated sapphires make up less than 1% of what is available on the market.

These stones have significantly more value and are far more stable in retaining that value over commercially treated sapphires.

Sapphire vs. Diamond Rarity Winner: Sapphire


Budget usually plays an important role in the engagement and wedding process.

As you may have already guessed, sapphire engagement rings are more affordable than those with diamonds.

Of course, diamonds and sapphires both come in a wide range of prices depending on their size, shape, cut, color, quality, and much more.

On average, though, a one-carat sapphire will cost a lot less than a one-carat diamond.

Blue sapphires are the most expensive color because they’re the most sought after.

Likewise, the more brilliant and pure the color is, the more expensive it will be.

As with all gemstones, sapphires decline in price as they decline in quality and get smaller, cloudier, or both.

Sapphire vs. Diamond Cost Winner: Sapphire


Brilliant, colorless diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings by far.

This is largely due to the fact that most individuals do not know that sapphire also comes in a colorless variant.

While blue is the most popular sapphire shade, the Gemological Institute of America explains that the stone also comes in “colorless, violet, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple and intermediate hues.

Some stones exhibit the phenomenon known as color change, most often going from blue in daylight or fluorescent lighting to purple under incandescent light.

Sapphires can even be gray, black, brown, and more.

As for colorless variants, sapphire (outside of a D colored diamond) is almost always more colorless and more appealing in terms of clear view, however, a diamond will nearly always sparkle more than a white sapphire.

White sapphires don’t refract light as well, meaning they’ll have much less brilliance and less of a visual sparkle when exposed to light.

In terms of sparkle and brilliance, a diamond will outshine a sapphire any day of the week.

White sapphire’s appearance is slightly saturated (cloudy) giving them a unique distinction from diamonds.

Cubics are considered to be the poor man’s diamond or the “Fake Diamond”, whereas White Sapphire stands on its own, no one could ever tell you it’s a fake, because its appearance is different to that of a diamond and so much more unique!

The only shade that sapphires don’t come in is red.

Sapphire is a corundum mineral and red corundum is simply called ruby instead.

Sapphire vs. Diamond Color Winner: Sapphire

Sapphire vs. Diamond Brilliance Winner: Diamond


Sapphires are a great alternative stone option for brides who prefer to stand out from the crowd because they’re much less common than diamond rings.

If you want an engagement ring that’s different from the rest, sapphires may just be the perfect stone for you.

Sapphire vs. Diamond Style Winner: Sapphire


In this sapphire vs. diamond showdown, sapphires have just squeaked out ahead.

However, both stones come in a wide variety of colors and are hard enough to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life.

Comparing sapphire vs. diamond shows a lot of similarities, so the most important factor in choosing between the two is simply personal preference.

If you want to stick to tradition, diamonds may be right for you.

If you want to save money on your engagement ring and stand out from the crowd, sapphires are a perfect choice.

The name Sapphire comes from the Greek word for blue, although in the middle ages the name was applied more to what we know today as Lapis Lazuli.

Back then, the ancient civilizations never expected this unique gems stone, to come in such a vast array of colors!

Sapphire and Ruby are members of the Corundum family.

If Corundum exhibits a colour from slightly pinkish red, through red to slightly reddy brown then it is called a Ruby.

All other colours of Corundum are termed Sapphires.

So while we traditionally think of Sapphires as being only blue stones, they actually come in all colours from black to white.

A. Untreated sapphires make up less than 1% of gems available on the market.

B. Sapphires and Rubies are the same gemstone

C. Sapphire is the second hardest natural mineral after diamond to be used in jewelry making.

D. Sapphires come in almost any color imaginable and best of which is colorless (White)

Sapphire is the birthstone for those whose birthday falls in September, and for those born under the star sign of the Taurus.

Both natural and treated sapphire are natural sapphires.

The distinction is actually referred to as Untreated vs Treated.

When considering sapphires, in particular, understanding the terms “natural” and “untreated” is crucial to making an educated decision.

Many people confuse natural for meaning untreated and vice versa.

In optimal circumstances, both terms should apply to the gemstone, but that is rarely the case with what is currently in the market.

In very short detail, an untreated sapphire is one that has been taken from the ground and then faceted.

Nothing at all was done to the stone to alter the natural beauty.

These sapphires are exceptionally more rare and valuable.

For this reason, sapphires are extraordinarily unique from one to the next.

The word “natural” identifies a sapphire crystal that has been developed in the ground, not synthetically created.

The word “untreated” means that a natural sapphire has not undergone any heat or chemical treatments to improve its color or clarity.

“Natural” does not mean the sapphire has not undergone any alterations.

The key term is “untreated,” meaning a sapphire is natural (not lab created) and has not been subject to any chemical or heat treatments.

Approximately only 0.5 – 1% of the sapphires discovered are of gem-quality without treatment.

Natural untreated sapphires are far more uncommon and valuable than treated and chemically altered stones.

Heat Treatment

Sapphire like their cousin’s Rubies are commonly heat-treated to enhance their colour and to even out or totally remove “silk”.

While initially only stones of lower quality were treated in this way, estimates indicate that heating is now carried out of about 95% of all rough material, as part of an industry-accepted enhancement technique.

Heat treatment is used specifically to improve and even out the colour in Sapphires, and when done at a moderate heat will reduce the presence of needles.

At higher temperatures needles Rutile is completely removed by a process of melting and re absorption.

These heat treatments enhancements typically occur around temperatures of 500 – 1800 °C, in computer-controlled electric furnaces.

Some cutting houses still use the older process of low tube heat, when the stones are heated over charcoal at a temperature of about 1300 °C for 20 to 30 minutes, a process known in the trade as “Chanthaburi cooking”.

The silk is only partially broken as the color is improved, imbibing the stone with a richer luster, and better colour.

Diffusion Treatment

The diffusion technique is essentially a method of coating a natural Sapphire with a “skin” of colour.

The compound for diffusion is effectively bonded into the outer layer of the cut stones as they approach their melting point, thus forming a composite lay of essentially Sapphire and the diffusion agent on the stone’s surface.

The depth of this colour enhanced skin can vary from a few microns to a millimeter or more depending on the method used.

Initially, this was confined to blue Sapphires of a lower blue or green colour, and the diffusion coating was Titanium oxide, which imparted a deep blue colour to the stones.

Recently Beryllium is being diffused into the surface of fancy yellow and pink sapphires at very high heat, and again close to their melting point. This process produces stunning red and orange colours that are only rare and expensive in nature (Padparadscha).

Something Extra Special

Untitled design - 2021-02-07T130133.348

As a standard with all our engagement rings, you get free engravings on the inside of the ring.

Now engravings aren’t anything that special and most jewellers do it too.

But there is something extra that we do that no one else does.

We set you and your partner’s birthstones inside the shank next to the engravings!

You see, you might have a design in mind that is not actually 100% unique.

Yes, it’s the desire of her heart.


It’s not unique in the sense that that design exists somewhere out there already.

So we make it extra special and unique to only the two of you by setting your birthstones next to your engraving.

OgilvieGems – Her desire is our passion

At OgilvieGems we stand behind our quality and craftsmanship.

Our reputation is all we have and all we live for.

Nothing else matters.

OgilvieGems is much more than just a brand.

It’s who I am.

It’s my Surname, my passion, my legacy.

We are passionate about relationships and value.

We believe that the value of each jewelry item lies in the sentiment thereof more than anything else.

This is why we ONLY do bespoke & unique engagement rings.

Her Desire = Our Passion.

And there’s nothing that we won’t do to ensure that you make her dream a reality.

Secure Your Free No-Obligation OgilvieGems Consultation to ensure the perfect girl gets the perfect ring.

  • FREE engagement consultation to help you pull together your ideas to bring her dream ring to life within your budget.
  • If after your no-obligation consultation with OgilvieGems you honestly feel that you experienced zero value, we’ll give you R500 for wasting your time (Ts & Cs apply)
  • If after the initial consult you’re happy and proceed with the quote of your choice, we will include a free design for your approval (our designs usually range at a cost of R897 to R1997) – You’re already saving  up to R1997 before we even cast away!
  • You’ll receive a free value report & quotation with all the different variations of gems that can be used along with their different specifications and costs to bring that dream ring to life. Providing you with the ultimate freedom of choice in variety to fit within your budget.
  • Now let the magic begin

To secure your free no-obligation engagement ring consultation, click on the button below, answer a few questions about your desired design, and secure a time for free consultation.

Why go with OgilvieGems?

Gents, you won’t be that guy who gets his girl a ring she won’t like.

Ladies, you’ll never have to worry about getting a ring you don’t want to wear.

Bring your dream engagement ring to life. 

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all custom made engagement rings (Ts & Cs apply)

30% UNDER RETAIL EVERY TIME! Although our rings our 100% unique and custom, if you had to replicate the specs at retail, we’re automatically 30% under!

Already have a design? We will BEAT ANY 3 WRITTEN QUOTES on your design. (Ts & Cs apply)

For the one buying – Every custom-designed ring comes with a FREE OgilvieGems watch to congratulate you for doing the right thing.

Receive a surprise “gift” – More than the perfect ring, we want you to have the perfect marriage!

We offer amazing financing options, so you can ensure your dream become a reality

✅ Various gem options to bring your girl’s dream ring to life within your budget.

A Few Happy Couples Who Chose OgilvieGems


Ladies, do you really want to be part of that stat? 

& Gents, come one, are sure you want to take the risk of being THAT GUY?

The only person who knows what’s best for your partner, when it comes to her engagement ring, IS HER.

Right, ladies?

But I think the gents will agree with me that there’s a certain sentiment and feeling of excitement and power when walking through a luxurious high-end jewellery store.

Being able to see and touch all these different beautifully sparkling engagement rings is something that makes you feel like you’re making the right decision.

You have to make 100% sure that the diamond is big enough, the price tag heavy enough, & the design the most beautiful in the room.

But you’re forgetting that it’s all about her and what she wants.

It’s all about giving her the ring that she has seen on her finger her whole life.

Maybe even before you two met.

It’s a ring that only exists in her dreams and desires.

And the ONLY way to make it a reality is through the careful design of a ring that will 100% meet her vision.

You can obviously assume you know what she wants, even though you’ve never asked her.

Maybe now would be a good time to check.

You can be like all the other guys out there and think the biggest stone from some famous jewellery store in the middle of Sandton is going to make her happy.

Sure, you can be part of the 80% and carry on living life as normal.

It will eventually not be that big of a deal and you’ll forget about it.

But Just remember who’s going to be looking at it every day for the rest of their lives.

But come one.

Let’s be honest here.

YOU NEVER would have read this far if that’s truly what you wanted.

Gents, you want to give her the ring that she’s dreamt of her whole life.

And ladies, you won’t accept anything less.

Or at least, be happy to do so.

So with that being said, I think all 3 of us can agree that the most responsible decision for the most memorable experience is to hit the button below to secure your free engagement ring consultation.

“But custom-designed engagement rings are too expensive!”

Because of the high standards, we keep our work to, no, we’re not cheap.

But we’re not outrageously expensive either. We value relationships above all, but our profession remains excellence in craftmanship.

We are the custom engagement ring experts.

And with the variety of quality gems that we have at our disposal, we can help you create the perfect ring that fits within your budget!

Budget is not the most important thing here. She is and her desires are.

Not everyone has that perfect starting R150k to spend on a diamond.

We know this.

That’s why we have such an awesome variety of gems to ensure you give your girl the design of her dreams without breaking the bank.


You won’t find any of our engagement rings in a retail jewellery store.

Whether we designing and manufacturing rings for a high-end jewellery store in Sandton or for you our direct client, our promise is that we design and manufacture with the same excellence and even  more so, due to our absolute passion and love for relationships.

You’d find that you’ll be paying 30% more from the jewellery store than if you purchased the same designed ring directly with OgilvieGems.

Even if for argument sake your girl’s dream ring exists already and it’s in a jewellery store somewhere.

Let us replicate it, not for anyone else who might buy it, but for her, only her, and you’ll pay 30% less.

And the reason for that is simple.

There’s no middle man.

We design, manufacture and supply you with the ring.

There are no extra margins for us to add on as we control the whole process.

Don’t believe us?

Try to beat us…


Not to mention, if you’re on a seriously tight on budget, but you can’t imaging not getting the perfect ring, then we can help you out.


If cash flow is tight, but you’re 100% set on the ring that your partner wants, then we can help you out with a payment plan.

Simply meaning that you can still purchase that perfect ring, and pop the question on that perfect day, and slide the ring of your partner’s dreams onto her finger, and just pay for the ringer later in smaller instalments.

“If the ring does not come out the exact same as the agreed-upon time, we’ll give you your money back no questions asked. 

Furthermore, if we do not get your ring in your hands within the agreed-upon time frame, no worries, you can get your cash right back.”


Did you know that 1ct round diamond costings starts from as little as at R13 900 and can go up to R309 900.

That’s insane, and both are 1ct naturally occurring earth mined.

Mind blown……

Technology is an amazing feat, especially in the 21st century.

But this has made way for deceit to run free in our industry and many have fallen prey to the “certification” nightmare.

In the past it was easy, all you needed was a GIA, IGI, EGL, DIA, NGIC, or other certification and the word of the seller and you were sure of the authenticity.

This is largely due to the fact that very few had the technology to:

A. Laser Engrave on Stones

B. Print Accurate Certification

However, as of 2018, it’s become so easy.

Certification can be cloned and faked.

You may check up on the certification number on the website (GIA or other).

It may even be authentic.

But that’s not to say that the laser engraved stone is in fact the genuine article.

OgilvieGems have been driven insane by this.

We are so tired of fake rubbish, it’s killing us.

Yes, there are various degrees of fake.

A. Fake Diamonds

These are Cubic Zirconia that is coated in nanodiamond veneers. And yes, they are sold with GIA and other certifications. Now days even fake Moissanite is nano-coated and sold as Charles and Colvard Moissanite or even diamond. The Stone is Engraved and matches a GIA or other certification document.

B. Moissanite

Moissanite can be sold with a diamond certification as a diamond (GIA or other).

99% of jewelers can’t tell the difference between a diamond and moissanite.

Scary right?

Although we love C&C Moissanite, we do not sell it as a GIA Certified or other certified diamond.

Because quite simply, It’s not a diamond.

Charles and Colvard specific moissanite may even be better than 99% of diamonds out there.

But to sell it a diamond is wrong.

C. Grown Diamonds

Although authentically a diamond, meaning 100% Diamond,  HPHT, or CVD Diamonds are not earth mined, or naturally occurring.

Make sure the certification stated HPHT, Lab-Grown or CVD.

We love and are exceptionally fond of grown diamonds above earth mined (Yes proper grown diamonds outweigh earth mined diamonds in the boxing ring 10/1),

But to sell a grown as a mined diamond is wrong.

OgilvieGems only sell GIA Certified and Verified Earth Mined Diamonds.

All our earth-mined diamonds, unless there is a hand-picked stone, are GIA certified.

Making 99% of all Earth Mined sold by OgilvieGems GIA.


They just grade so much stricter and so much more valuable in terms of guaranteed future value.

What other laboratories grade better GIA almost always grades worse (meaning you always certain of the specifications), ensuring the value you’re expecting.

However even then, the stone needs to be verified by OgilvieGems, a certification is useless unless verified!

OgilvieGems are now the first Company in South Africa to offer fully Verified Certified Moissanite

“Not some certification name that no one knows about or has ever heard of”

We are so passionate about the superiority of Charles and Colvard Forever One Range that we have added additional offerings where we have them locally graded by the DIA taking certification and warranty a step ahead of the rest.

DIA is South Africa’s only trusted local and accessible to you as the client grading authority!

We do this as we are tired of fakes and rebrands hitting the market as rubbish with amazing promises! Stick to the best!


Not only do we offer the most exclusive Charles and Colvard Forever One Range as our premium brand (that comes with an Ltd Lifetime Warranty), we also now offer Certification along with each Charles and Colvard Lifetime Warranty Moissanite if opted for in our quotes.

Charles and Colvard is the only Moissanite with a with an expected future value, as the only at the time of writing this publicly listed and trading moissanite company in the world.

Our aim is to become undeniably the most prestigious source of verified Diamond, Lab Diamond, Diamond Carborundum, and Moissanite in South Africa.

With so many fake and re-branded products out there, there is only one way to ensure a truly confident purchase.

& that is to go with the industry-leading standard…

That standard is DIA in South Africa (Nothing Else).

And you as a client can approach them directly, how cool is that!

No hidden truths, no lies, no deceit, just validation.

Confidence with each purchase!

The Clock’s Ticking…

Due to the exceptional standards we hold ourselves accountable for, we can only really do to a maximum of 50 ring consultations, designs, and casts per month.

Perfection cannot be rushed.

We cannot compromise giving each and every one of our clients the extra attention that they need and deserve during this process.

But there’s good news!

If you’re reading this, that means there are still a few open spots left for the month!

To ensure you don’t miss out, or extend things further than need be, click on the button below now and secure your free engagement ring consultation.

I can’t wait to meet you two!