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We at OgilvieGems, South Africa’s highest-review rated fine jeweler, are super excited to partner with you. We recognize that selecting the perfect engagement ring can be a source of stress, and we don’t want you or your partner to fall into the 80% of women who secretly dislike their ring. To avoid this, we offer you the chance to collaborate with us in creating a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that will leave your partner breathless.

In addition to our commitment to quality, we also offer a lifetime warranty on our manufacturing.  

As a special promotion, we are currently offering a free analogue watch with every complete engagement ring purchase (offer not valid on silver offerings). Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give your partner the ring of her dreams.


Our quotes will be laid out in easy-to-understand PDF documents, and if you have any questions or need help understanding the quote, we have a step-by-step guide available at the following link


If you have a specific timeline in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and see if we can accommodate you. And if you already have a quote, you can schedule a consultation with us through the following link: (BOOK NOW)


We are have three locations:

A. Kempton Park (Gem trade with OGI Group, import and export – only trade clients)

B. Centurion (Trade Workshop with PMT – only trade clients)

C. Silverton Ridge (Design studio with DRJ, open to all clients on appointment only. Schedule appointments above)

D. Nationwide Consignee Courier or Self Collection


Do not be exploited by fancy prices and shininess just because this is not your industry, ask the relevant questions.

As always, there might be cheaper options in the market for the same size offering on paper (or so it may seem). There is a reason one is R30K and one is R10K, ask yourself why? Carefully take note of the specifications involved in each quote when doing comparisons.

Moissanite | Diamond Carborundum
OgilvieGems will only offer three top brands
A. Charles and Colvard – World Leader and Top of the Range
B. Majestic ‘ – Our current favourite offering.
C. Specific C Timeless – Great Quality at amazing budgets

D. Classic Moissanite (OgilvieGems hand picked offer for the budhet client. Something we feel confident in enough to set in iour work).

The reason we only offer these three top brands, is simply quality and accuracy when looking at:
• Ratios of composition. Carbon to Silicon Ratio
• Florescence of stone, how different light reacts with each
• Growth Periods
• Roughage and breakdown of process
• Cut Grade – everyone calls theirs excellent or AAA, but are they hand faceted, what is the facet count, who graded the stones
• Company history and background
• Company Warranty Structure
• Return of Value

Majestic Moissanite is the closest we can find to accurate specification when it comes to composition on the market.

It’s come to our attention that some companies are selling fake Charles and Colvard Warranty stones, with warranty cards, therefore we urge you to make use of only authorized South African representatives which can be found on their portals. Think Twice.

Charles and Colvard (OgilvieGems) Online Portal:

Please note that we have removed our online shop and now only do custom work, so if you do not find us on the online partner (Use “find shop” as we now only do custom)

https://www.charlesandcolvard.com/where-to-buy/find-a-store search Africa, all and Pretoria. We are still only one of only three recognised Charles and Colvard Jewellers in Gauteng region.


At OgilvieGems, we only cast our rings in the highest quality materials including

  • 950 Rhodium Silver (high level non-tarnish, not sterling 925 silver)
  • 14K White, Rose or Yellow Gold (Au585)
  • 18K White, Rose or Yellow Gold ,(Au750)
  • PT950 Platinum
  • Palladium on request

    We don’t believe in compromising on quality, which is why we don’t offer rings cast in lower purity metals like 9K and 10K gold and if we do on the client’s request, we ensure the very best mixed alloys are used. The same metal could differ vastly in cost. Mixed alloy ratios are important.


Please see bank account confirmation letter. We only have one registered bank account. Do not accept any other banking details.

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Business Cheque / Current

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OgilvieGems (Pty)LTD (147734/07/2017)


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It’s important you understand what services and products we’re able to supply you with. That is why we’ve made sure to give you the answers you need so you’ll be positive you’ve made the right decision choosing to work with us. Please note that the below T&C’s exclude any special limited ranges as well as any reconditioned jewelry items. For Limited Range Offerings see last FAQ. Below are the frequently asked questions. Read our FAQs to see if we’ve already answered your questions, and if not contact us.


We are super exited to let you know that OgilvieGems now offer clients the amazing opportunity to pay of their lifelong investment. What makes this opportunity so amazing is that his is not a depreciating vehicle you taking on hire repurchase that you will only use for 5 years, this is a lifelong investment, even if you could theoretically pay it off over 30 years it would still be amazing, after all this is forever! Even better, you can now up the specification of your desire to what you know you/your partners heart yearns for!

Client’s now no longer save only to be disappointed by dramatically changed costs. No more worrying about:

A. Mineral Trade
B. Metal Trade
C. Economic Trade (Currency Rand/Dollar)

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Please see last few questions on FAQ


OgilvieGems have a passion for custom tailored designs. We cannot restrict ourselves to just a singular brand or precious stone. OgilvieGems specialize in Real Authentic Grown Diamonds, Charles and Colvard Certified and Created Moissanite, GIA Certified Mined Natural Diamonds, Natural and Lab Created Sapphire, Natural Moragnite, Lab Created and Natural Emerald, Lab Created and Natural Rubies as well as other gemstones.


OgilvieGems have been driven insane. We are so tired of fake rubbish, it’s killing us. Yes, there are various degrees of fake. Lab Diamond (Simulants) if they sell for less than generally R10 000 (a carat) for a loose stone “it is fake”. For all Lab Created Diamond – Man Made Diamond Rings make sure they are actual carbon diamonds and not simulated diamonds.  If its lab or man made, make sure it says HPHT or CVD – these are the only two real authentic diamonds made in a lab.

A. Fake Diamonds – These are Cubic Zirconia that are coated in nano diamond veneers. And yes, they are sold with GIA and other certification. Now days even fake Moissanite.

B. Moissanite, sold with diamond certification as diamond (GIA or other). 99% of jewellers can’t tell the difference. Although we love C&C Moissanite, we do not sell it as a GIA Certified or other certified diamond. It’s not a diamond, C&C Specific moissanite may even be better than 99% of diamonds, but to sell it as one is wrong.

C. Grown Diamonds – These are real diamonds. Make sure tho, yes although authentically a diamond, meaning 100% Diamond, they (HPHT or CVD) are not mined. While some HPHT are Natural Mined and have just undergone the HPHT process. Make sure the certification stated HPHT or CVD, we love and are exceptionally fond of grown diamonds, even more so than earth mined. Grown Diamonds are 100% Pure Actual Real, Authentic Diamonds. 10 on the Mineral Hardness Scale and identical to mined diamonds in every single way (as they are diamonds) in every aspect outside of growth lines and structures.


Absolutely not. Its like saying all cars are the same and that there is no difference between a Mercedes Benz and a Honda. There are so many differences, just because it’s not your industry do not be fooled by prices and shininess.


Credits to GIA: Houses have deeds. Vehicles have titles and registration. It only makes sense that you have similar documentation for something as precious as your diamond purchase. We do offer additional verification report on all gems (upon request). Note: All diamonds are sold with a OgilvieGems Diamond Verification Report. Not all Diamonds (especially budget priced diamonds) come with a Lab Graded Reports. Where we can, we will request a electronic or a physical copy. However please note: a OgilvieGems Verification report will be done either way. All Diamonds needs be be verified either Natural Untreated, HPHT or CVD. A diamond grading report isn’t an appraisal on value (that is a retail certificate), rather it is the blueprint of a stone’s exact quality characteristics.


Yes. Grown diamonds are real, authentic and true diamonds. They are not fake diamonds. Man-made diamonds HPHT and CVD are 100% carbon and have the exact same chemical properties as mined diamonds. Lab created diamonds are grown by recreating the conditions underneath the Earth that result in diamond growth: pressure, heat, & carbon. Learn more about why lab diamonds are not fake Grown diamonds are not the same thing as diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia or a CZ with a diamond like carbon (DLC) coating. Outside of the physical growth lines, grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds as they are just that, they are diamonds.


No. Diamonds are made entirely from carbon, whereas cubic zirconia contains zero carbon! CZs are much weaker than diamonds and have different light performance and patterning. Any jeweler can easily tell the difference between a diamond and an inferior diamond simulant such as CZ.


No. A diamond is a diamond, and cannot be anything else but what it is. Traditional jewelers’ tools such as microscopes or loupes cannot detect the difference between a laboratory-grown diamond and a natural, mined diamond. It is impossible. Only a certifiably lab can detect growth line differences and even then, it’s hard! The gemmological equipment needed to reliably determine if a diamond is mined or grown is quite complicated and costs a fortune. The most accurate detection method, Photoluminescence Spectroscopy, requires deep freezing the diamonds to −320°F (−196°C)! I’ve never met a jeweler who own one due to the high cost and complexity


visit https://ogilviegems.co.za/diamonds/


OgilvieGems do not make use of any Cubic Zirconia or Alternative Simulants – . All GIA Certified Diamonds are mined. In our diamond quotes, we only quote diamond. Unless stated otherwise all diamonds are Certified Authentic IGI and NGIC Grown Diamonds. Grown from a Natural Diamond Seed. Chemically and Compositionally Identical to Mined Diamonds. These are Eco- Friendly and Environmentally Conscious Choices. Diamond Simulants are not Diamonds – we do not do Simulated Man Made Diamonds


Charles and Colvard are the Original re-creators, patent holders and pioneers of moissanite, the first in their class and the best in their class

Charles and Colvard are also the only moissanite company to:

  • Ensure the expected future value of your moissanite – by
  • Being publicly traded and listed on the USA Stock Exchange
  • Using a specialised hand faceting technique (especially for this birefringent rough stone) to ensure that there is no comparable moissanite in the market
  • Use a special growth technique (up to three months) for the worlds most unique rough before cutting. No other company in the world uses this patented 30 year researched and developed technique


A. Untreated sapphires make up less than 1% of gems available on the market.
B. Sapphires and Rubies are the same gemstone
C. Sapphire is the second hardest natural mineral after diamond to be used in jewelry making. Making it the only Natural Diamond Alternative Strong Enough. This is Natures Alternative Diamond
D. As one of the “big four” Gems (diamond, rubies, emeralds and sapphire), Sapphire and Diamond are the only “durable” gems that come in a colorless variety making sapphire the ideal diamond alternative. Oh, and did we mention sapphire comes in at a fraction of the cost.
Sapphire the Real_Diamond Alternative. Note: Moissanite and Diamond are the two harder gems used in Jewelry.


Yes, as a South African First! OgilvieGems are now the first Company in South Africa to offer fully Verified Certified Charles and Colvard Moissanite as a standard on all our offerings.

We so passionate about the superiority of Charles and Colvard Forever One Range over every other brand or remake out there, that we have added additional offerings where we have them locally graded by the DIA taking certification and warranty a step ahead of the rest. DIA is South Africa’s only trusted local and accessible to you as the client grading authority! We do this as we are tired of fakes, re brands hitting the market as rubbish with amazing promises! Stick to the best!

So…. Not only do we offer the most exclusive Charles and Colvard Forever One Range as our premium brand (that comes with a Ltd Lifetime Warranty), we also now offer Certification along with each Charles and Colvard Lifetime Warranty Moissanite if opted for in our quotes.
Our Aim is to become undeniably the most prestigious source of verified Diamond, Lab Diamond, Diamond Carborundum and Moissanite in South Africa.

With so many fake and re-branded products out there, there is only one way to ensure a truly confident purchase and that is to go with the industry leading standard that is DIA in South Africa (Nothing Else).
Please do note that the various specifications on each stone may vary on the certification from DIA. Charles and Colvard Forever One is sold in mm as well as in two ranges (Colorless or Near Colorless).

E.g., a 6,5mm Round Brilliant Cut Stone would be a 1ct equivalent. Meaning each stone is sold in mm and equivalent weight as set out in our FAQ. We use DIA to determine one thing for our clients: “Is the Stone Laser Engraved Forever One, is there authentication behind each stone that comes with a warranty card! If DIA cannot verify that a stone is indeed a Forever One Range Charles and Colvard Stone, it most likely is not!
Confidence with each purchase!


Diamond Carborundum, Silicon Carbide, Lab Created {SiC} known as Moissanite. Note: Not all Moissanite is created equal. OgilvieGems Specialise in the Worlds Most Brilliant Gem by Charles and Colvard. 30+ years of excellence recreating the finest stones in existence. Don’t believe us___ Do your homework. Research. We are super honored to be on of the few and first authorized retailers.

Charles and Colvard (OgilvieGems) Online Portal:



The reason we prefer the Moissanite smalls is simple. Quality over “anything”. Moissanite smalls believe it or not are:

A. Tougher 99% of the time – They break way less than Diamond Smalls in setting, you will be surprised how many diamonds smalls break. The reason for this is

i. Diamond Milee or smalls come in a array of colors, clarities, estimated sizes. Remember when they mine a 1ct Diamond, they can only use 0,6ct e,g at D Color VS Clarity at EX_EX_EX_N, then they might get 0,3ct at G VVS at EX_VG_EX_N or whatever the case maybe. Clarity in cut is the most important, so they always cut the best clarity sections first! The Lower the clarity the weaker the stone. hey then use what’s left to make chips known as millee. This comes from the weakest part of a diamond. T

ii. Diamond Milee are almost never of top color. 99% of millee in the market no matter what they say is i color Si1-Si3 Clarity. They actually ungraded! Millee’s are sent to us form the brokers in near colorless VS/Si. This is especially true for any stone under 3mm. Stones over 3mm become easier to see inclusions and color differences, and chances of receiving the right stock is almost always guaranteed.

B. Moissanite smalls used by OgilvieGems are always DEF (99% E VVS). They have no inclusions, no weaknesses and when all set together in a ring, and all are set perfectly by our master craftsman, then the visual balance of excellence is unmatched and just accentuates the main Diamond or Gem used in the setting. Its all about visual excellence, design integrity and lifetime longevity.


No. There are no likely situations in which the color of moissanite will be permanently changed. Moissanite does undergo a temporary color change when exposed to extreme heat from a jeweler’s torch during jewelry repair, but with proper bench techniques there will be no lasting damage, and the stone will return to its normal color once it cools


In a market so overrun, with variety of quality, with Moissanite ranging from R500 to R13 000 a carat, its imperitive that we highlight the higher end Moissanite and make a clear distinction between the top ranges and others.


Yes. Moissanite can have needle-like inclusions that can be seen under 10x magnification. However, they are not visible to the naked eye and do not affect the clarity of the stone. They are unique characteristics, which occur in the formation of the crystalline structure


Yes. Moissanite is durable, tough and extremely resistant to scratching and abrasion. With a hardness of 9.25, moissanite is harder than all other gemstones except diamond


There are four C’s jewelers use when grading gemstones…and they tell you everything you need to know about moissanite to achieve the fifth C – which is Confidence. The quality and enduring value of moissanite jewelry can be expressed in those 5C’s and every Charles & Colvard and OgilvieGems Created Moissanite is strictly examined by our experienced Gemmologists.

Every Created Moissanite gem is precisely calibrated and hand-faceted by master gem cutters to maximize brilliance and spark its ultimate fire that increases the refractive index of moissanite.

Moissanite is graded as near-colorless, with faint undertones of green to yellow to grey, and a few rare green gems.

Moissanite’s clarity grading is “eye-clean”. Our moissanite are created using organic elements, mimicking nature in a controlled environment, therefore moissanite gems have tiny, needle-like inclusions that invariably develop during the growing process of moissanite. However, only moissanite gemstones that pass OgilvieGems quality standards are made available for distribution.

Moissanite is visually proportionate to typical diamond carat weights but is approximately 10% lighter. Most jewelers find it easier to sell moissanite by size rather than weight. A 6.5mm round brilliant natural diamond would have a carat weight of approximately 1.0 compared to a moissanite of the same dimension (6.5mm) which has a carat weight of approximately 0.88. Simply put, to the eye they appear to be the same size, although the weight of the two stones may be slightly different.
Like other gems, large sizes of moissanite are rare. However, the premium for large sizes is much less, making moissanite a particularly good choice for bold jewelry designs.

Known to many as “The World’s Most Brilliant Gem”, with unsurpassed fire and brilliance, this unique created gemstone is the ultimate in gemstone design.


If for some reason:
• Products do not match descriptions given (Products to be inspected upon receipt immediately)
• OgilvieGems are not able to deliver your product (outside of Economical and National Disasters)
or your product is not delivered within the allotted time (Unless pre-arranged) you will be eligible for a full refund

Note: Once Deposit is paid, the deposit will be forfeit if

A. We cannot get ahold of you via phone call, email or other for more than 15 days

B. If deposit or part of deposit was covered by FinYou, and you are unable to fulfill your payment to them or continue your ring for whatsoever reason, the deposit is void.

C. If for some reason we have not started your project, we will refund your deposit less the cost of any gem stones and well as design work fees, bank costs and VAT. You will receive your gem stone as well as the design work in regard to your project.

Please note that the deposit covers mostly the custom gems for your specific order!

Recap for a FULL REFUND:

If for some reason:
• Products do not match descriptions given (Products to be inspected upon receipt immediately)
• OgilvieGems are not able to deliver your product (outside of Economical and National Disasters)
or your product is not delivered within the allotted time (Unless pre-arranged) you will be eligible for a full refund.


We stand behind our quality and craftmanship. Our reputation is all we have and all we live for. Nothing else matters.

If there are any manufacturing defects, we will be glad to inspect, advise and replace if need be. Please note this is on inspection and will be determined by a qualified master craftsman. Note: This does not cover loss of smalls or other gems unless directly linked to poor craftmanship. No full or 3/4 eternities are covered in manufacturers warranty. Any ring where the smalls go further down than half is not recommended and weakens the structure of the ring. We so confident that as of 2021 (lock-down made us re-evaluate our confidence and industry standing in a positive way)  we will issue a Ltd lifetime warranty on all craftmanship.

This excludes wear and tear, thinning of metal, discoloration due to use and general maintenance issues, 925 and 950 Silver as well as men’s bands.

On actual manufacturing we will give each client a lifetime warranty on manufacturing! For this to be effect, rings need to be serviced every 12 months at OgilvieGems and only OgilvieGems is to work on the ring. If our master craftsman during a service notes that a setting needs to be replaced or informs the client that tips are wearing or that there are other general issues regarding the wear and tear of the ring, please note that this will not be covered in our manufacturer’s warranty!

Ltd Lifetime Warranties only apply to our 14K, 18K and Platinum Offerings set in Diamond Grown, Earth Mined, Moissanite (Charles and Colvard) and Natural Gem Stone Jewelry.

Some gems carry Ltd Lifetime Warranties, guaranteeing no fade, scratch, breakage etc. Subject to T&C’s.

For details, please see https://ogilviegems.co.za/our-lifetime-warranty/

Store Items: Please note that on

  • Refurbished Rings, Silver and Budget Range rings only come with a 6-12 Month Warranty on Manufacturing. We will however endeavor to assist you wherever we can, our reputation is that good and that important to us.
  • 9K Gold offerings carry a higher end budget warranty if 5-10 years.
  • Custom and all other high end orders – Lifetime Warranty subject to conditions listed above


We are so confident in our offer that, we will beat any written quote. As we craft each desired design to your budget, we strive for value for money and longevity and not cheapness. In order to beat any written quote, we will need a minimum of three quotes in writing offering the same: Origin (RSA manufacturing companies only – no importer junk), Certification, Metal Choices, Setting Methods, Hand Finished, Hand Crafted, Machine Cast, Engraving, Brand uniformity in terms of certain gems etc. Take note we do not do certain gems and metal choices.


If for some reason, you have had a virtual and design consultation and still feel that our final quotes and our offerings are far off the discussed and that you have not gained any insight into the process and understanding of where we are heading then we will happily pay you R500.00

You can submit your reasons to info@ogilviegems.co.za, we will then have a look at the reason you feel we did not honor our agreement with you, if need be submit the claim to the jewelry ombudsman so there is no irrational reasoning  and pay you R500.00


Custom orders are expected to be delivered within 20 working days. Limited Range on hand offerings within 10-12 working days. Shop products within 10-20 working days depending on complexity. Refurbished rings within 10-15 working days. All rings are manufactured to spec order in our Pretoria Workshop. We are a specialist team, who only take in a certain amount of work each month, and no job is rushed. EVER. Perfection takes time.

Delivery of rings may take up to 3 working days. Typically rings and other items are delivered within working 20 days or less. (Delivery times may be affected depending on economical or other national disasters e.g., COVID-19)

Design Work: Typically, 1-3 working days (Client Updated)
once confirmed we cast

Casting: 7-10 working days – note all castings are air dried and scanned for cracks, air bubbles, fractures etc (Client Updated)

Micro Setting: 2-5 working days depending on bench schedule

Finishing: Grading, polishing, engraving etc: 1-2 days (Client Updated)

Note: Process can be much quicker depending on casting quality. All work is hand finished at our Bench Workshop in Pretoria South Africa.
For all loose Gems delivery is expected within 10 working days. Depending on stock availability delivery schedules will be discussed with each client directly.


OGILVIEGEMS never ever does copy and paste work! Even though some designs might be extremely similar to others we have done, we will find a way to make it unique somehow. Each Jewelry item is crafted with precision, no matter how many orders we take on we guarantee that you will have your product in the allocated time. Our unmatched quality is what drives our confidence with in the industry and although most jewelry items are made to completion within 14 working days each item is taken through a strenuous quality control from hand polishing to redesign if necessary. On loose gems delivery times are dependent on stock availability, shipping manifests (30% of loose gems are imported), customs and most importantly quality control. 100% of work crafted in South Africa. We are not a drop shipping company; we do not import jewelry – we may import specific aspects of a piece e.g a metal type, a gem type if we cannot find it locally! Local is lekker. We are proudly South African; we support local and are determined to grow our South African Brands and Families!


Specialized Consignee Only courier services are used. Note: Can only be received with identity document verification!


OgilvieGems with every ring sold try to give a special gift. We try our utmost to go beyond just nice packaging, a ring box and a ring, but invest back into each client through personal gifts that are about relationships, marriage and having fun together, and then we also have every now and then “bigger” additional gifts above and beyond the special surprise relationship gift we try give to the men specifically. As long as stocks last, we are currently giving away a free analogue watch with every engagement ring or wedding set purchased.  To qualify for the watch the ring must be fully supplied by us(No client supplied stones), must be an engagement ring larger than 0,33ct in size set in 14K, 18K or Platinum.


Every so often we have a client that might have a specific deadline we cannot meet, or a ideal “proposal” moment that just happened to come up and there is no time to craft something custom and special. Other times we have a client who ideally does not want to make a mistake, by crafting the wrong ring (something she does not specifically want to wear forever). Those clients we assist with a Free Proposal ring. T&C’s apply. Contact us for more information.


It really depends where we are in the process. As these are custom orders, the resale of each ring is especially hard. As we custom craft each clients ring to their unique specifications, this uniqueness makes it especially hard to match the next persons interest and does not ensure that they will afford or want the same. This is not a purchase off the shelf. Once the design has been approved and the ring cast the cancellation fee could be anything between 80 -100% of the cost. If the ring has not been cast, the cost will be calculated according to hours of labour spent on the design work as well as the hand carving of the wax (pre cast model) as well as the cost of the main gem. Which is pre ordered on receipt of the proof of payment.


You may clean your fine jewelry item using a commercial (non-acid based) jewelry cleaner or preferably with mild soap (Sunlight) and water using a soft baby (key-baby) toothbrush. Note: If you do not rinse your jewelry properly, a residue layer will cause the item to regain dirt very quickly. The key to a good clean is water – rinse. The ultimate would be a home based ultrasonic cleaner.


Please do not be in tears, we know its super scary and sad, that moment you realise you lost a stone. This happens and could be as simple as a bump at the wrong angle.

We must remember that 21st century designs are a lot more delicate and fine than designs of old, and although we design and manufacture for longevity the fact remains, those stones and settings are minute.

E.g. A small 1,1mm – 1.3mm stone is only that 1.3mm, on top of that we do not glue our stones, rather micro set between 4 claws. So you could imagine each claw is less than a third of a mm. That’s tiny. Does not mean weak or poor, rather super fine and delicate.

But, just the wrong nudge at the right (in this case wrong) angle can dislodge a stone, it can be super sad, but like we mentioned not the end of the world. Now please, we know every client promises they take such good care of their ring, its not their fault, they have never bumped it, they not hard on their hands etc.. (please we are not saying you a hooligan, we not saying you a rough and uncaring tom-boy), rather, it happens, and at less than a third of a mm, it does not take much, if the angle is right to dislodge the stone! Chill!

So why does it happen? It’s could be as simple as a subconscious (meaning unintentional bump, picking up of a checkers packet, getting hooked or scraped against a cupboard, playing with the dog or whatever it may be, no matter how careful you are it could happen.

Although it’s not a common occurrence, meaning daily, every week or month, it does happen and that’s nothing to worry about at all. We have clients its never happened to in 10 years and others once a year they lose a stone.

So please do relax. Do not fret.

A. You can take it to someone, replace a stone. It’s cheap, quick and easy – void warranty

B. You can arrange a courier to deliver and recollect and we will replace it for you – this will be replaced at cost. Note: we will replace the first one free.



OgilvieGems Custom only cast in Luxury Non Tarnish High End Silver, 14K, 18K and Platinum. Our Reasons for not working in 9K and 10K Gold are purely due to the purity of each metal and the market that we are in. We are not competing with the local jeweler or chain store, rather with the higher end custom market with our hand crafted work.

We feel that its not worth hand crafting any fine jewelry with less than 50% Purity in Gold (9k and 10K fall below 50% purity) where as 14K (Au585- 58.5% purity) and 18K (AU750 – 75% Purity) as well as platinum (PT950 – 95%) fall in that higher end purity range.

Our Store may offer 9K Gold Ranges – This is seen as a higher end budget offering. These 9K Ranges fall within a higher 5 – 10year warranty on manufacturing.

Some Budget ranges on our store are offered in Sterling 925 Silver (Which in itself is 92.5% pure). This however will be made very clear.


At OgilvieGems we only make use of certain high end metals, and although Silver is a budget metal, its still a high end metal above 90% purity. Sect above FAQ for more on metal purities.

OgilvieGems use non tarnish 950 Sterling Silver, ensuring the color will not fade and will stay the same. Please note that there are exceptions to this if:

A. A client has a copper allergy

B. The ring has been soldered at a join etc.

C. A client has a high acidic level.

Although that’s not the case for 99% of Sterling Pure 950 Non Tarnish Silver, it does happen to 1 out of 1000 rings.

Sterling Silver does show scratches rather easily (again when compared to other high end metals), hence we go above and beyond and Rhodium plate all our sterling silver.


Rhodium is a precious metal – like gold, silver, or platinum – only more expensive! In fact, it is the most expensive of all the precious metals, so much so it’s insane.

Because it is very rare in nature, it is only found as a by-product of mining for other metals, such as platinum. This, unfortunately, affects the price of rhodium making it very volatile as its availability is connected to platinum supply and demand.

While rhodium is too expensive to make complete rings out of, it does lend a higher sheen to high end jewlery pieces. Being harder than both silver and gold, it also makes an excellent protective coat that shields jewelry from scratches. One of its greatest advantages is that it doesn’t tarnish, is super scratch resistant and requires no particular cleaning procedures.

All our rings except Rose and Yellow Gold get plated with Rhodium as an added layer. Rhodium plating conventionally costs anything between R550-750 to polish, clean and plate a ring per ring. It’s very expensive, but worth every cent.

Some refer to it as white gold plating, but that’s not really accurate, as it’s its own metal and a super metal at that, and it just adds that umpf you looking for.