It’s the perfect way to invest in your future – after all it is forever!

What makes this opportunity so amazing is that this is not a depreciating vehicle you taking on hire repurchase that you will only use for 5 years, this is a lifelong investment, even if you could theoretically pay it off over 30 years it would still be amazing, after all this is forever! Even better, you can now up the specification of your desire to what you know you/your partners heart yearns for!

Your application

Its as simple as 1,2,3…

Download the two application forms above

What we would need from you is the following

Once completed email us the below along with the completed application forms:

1. Option Chosen on quote

2.Ring size Confirmation – if you are not sure about it, here is a link to aid you:

Using a vernier and getting the inside diameter is always the best, or get one of her rings, pop into any store(Sterns, American Swiss, etc whatever is closest and most convenient).

3. Engraving: 10-12 Characters – Please note less is more when it comes to readability.

4. Birth Dates: for the insert of birth stones inside the shank. Inner Shank Set Stones. Only if you would opt for the addition. At no extra cost. Makes the ring that much more unique.

5. Once you have these details, please forward them with any other specific instructions you would like to add to

We will then forward you a working CAD design (specifications rendering) once we the successful application.

A. Design work 1-3 days 

for your approval before we commence with any work

B. Once approved, casting will commence, process time 7 days – 10 days

C. Micro Setting, Cleaning, Finished, Grading, Engraving etc… And ready for delivery/ Collection. 3-5 days.

Total time +-20 working days. Usually less