Did you know that 1ct round diamond costings starts from as little as at R13 900 and can go up to R309 900. That’s insane, and both are 1ct naturally occurring earth mined.

Mind blown……

Well the same is true for every gem on the market whether diamond, moissanite, ruby, sapphire etc.. you get quality and junk within each. So with such a vast cost difference there has to be reason right?

Technology is an amazing feat especially in the 21st century, but this has made way for deceit to run free in our industry and many have fallen prey to the “certification” nightmare.

In the past it was easy, all you needed was a GIA, IGI, EGL, DIA, NGIC or other certification and the word of the seller and you were sure of the authenticity. This is largely due to the fact that very few had the technology to:

A. Laser Engrave on Stones

B. Print Accurate Certification

However as of 2018, it’s become so easy. A certification can be cloned, faked and if you check up on the certification number on the website (GIA or other) it will be authentic, but that’s not to say that the laser engraved stone is in fact the genuine article.

OgilvieGems have been driven insane by this. We are so tired of fake rubbish, it’s killing us. Yes, there are various degrees of fake.

A. Fake Diamonds – These are Cubic Zirconia that are coated in nano diamond veneers. And yes, they are sold with GIA and other certification. Now days even fake Moissanite is nano coated and sold as Charles and Colvard Moissanite or even diamond. The Stone is Engraved and matches a GIA or other certification document.

B. Moissanite, sold with diamond certification as diamond (GIA or other). 99% of jewelers can’t tell the difference between a diamond and a moissanite. Scary right. Although we love C&C Moissanite, we do not sell it as a GIA Certified or other certified diamond. It’s not a diamond, Charles and Colvard specific moissanite may even be better than 99% of diamonds, but to sell it a diamond is wrong.

C. Grown Diamonds – although authentically a diamond, meaning 100% Diamond. HPHT or CVD Diamonds are not earth mined, or natural occurring. Make sure the certification stated HPHT, Lab Grown or CVD, we love and are exceptionally fond of grown diamonds above earth mined (Yes proper grown diamonds outweigh earth mined diamonds in the boxing ring 10/1), but to sell a grown as a mined diamond is wrong.

OgilvieGems only sell GIA Certified and Verified Earth Mined Diamonds. All our earth mined diamonds unless there is a hand picked stone (we verified is exceptional) are GIA certified making 99% of all Earth Mined sold by OgilvieGems GIA.

Why? They just grade so much stricter and so much more valuable in terms of guaranteed future value. What another laboratories grade better GIA almost always grades worse (meaning you always certain of the specifications) , ensuring the value you thought you getting. However even then, the stone needs to be verified by OgilvieGems, a certification is useless, unless verified!

OgilvieGems absolutely love Grown Diamonds. We not talking Moissanite, Cubics Zirconia or whatever else you thinking, we talking Authentic, 100% Real Carbon, “genuine natural carbon” , true to its DNA Diamond. https://www.growndiamonds.co.za/

The issue again is fake vs real, quality vs non quality. We source directly from the Factory producing, whether NGIC, IGI or other certification, we do not set a stone unless the specs are verified by our team! Verification trumps Certification every time. Every Grown Diamond Ring will be sold with a verification certificate validating either NGIC, IGI or other grading specifications.

OgilvieGems are now the first Company in South Africa to offer fully Verified Certified Moissanite – not some certification name that no one knows about or has ever heard of. We so passionate about the superiority of Charles and Colvard Forever One Range that we have added additional offerings where we have them locally graded by the DIA taking certification and warranty a step ahead of the rest. DIA is South Africa’s only trusted local and accessible to you as the client grading authority! We do this as we are tired of fakes and re brands hitting the market as rubbish with amazing promises! Stick to the best!

So…. Not only do we offer the most exclusive Charles and Colvard Forever One Range as our premium brand (that comes with a Ltd Lifetime Warranty), we also now offer Certification along with each Charles and Colvard Lifetime Warranty Moissanite if opted for in our quotes.

Charles and Colvard is the only Moissanite with a guaranteed future value, as the only at the time of writing this publicly listed and trading moissanite company in the world.

Our Aim is to become undeniably the most prestigious source of verified Diamond, Lab Diamond, Diamond Carborundum and Moissanite in South Africa.

With so many fake and re-branded products out there, there is only one way to ensure a truly confident purchase and that is to go with the industry leading standard that is DIA in South Africa (Nothing Else). And you as a client can approach them directly, how cool is that! No hidden truths, no lies, no deceit, just validation.

Please do note that the various specifications on each stone may vary on the certification from DIA. Charles and Colvard Forever One is sold in mm as well as in two ranges (Colorless or Near Colorless).

E.g a 6,5mm Round Brilliant Cut Stone would be a 1ct equivalent. Meaning each stone is sold in mm and equivalent weight as set out in our FAQ. We use DIA to determine one thing for our clients: “Is the Stone Laser Engraved Forever One, is there authentication behind each stone that comes with a warranty card! If DIA cannot verify that a stone is indeed a Forever One Range Charles and Colvard Stone, it most likely is not!

Confidence with each purchase!