Steps 2 & 3 of securing your free consultation


Please continue to submit the ideas you and your partner have for the engagement ring.

Please note, it is absolutely imperative that you provide us with AT LEAST 1 IMAGE of the type of ring you’re looking for.

This is extremely important for two reasons.

#1 – Because it allows us to accurately quote you. If we don’t at least have an idea of what you’re looking for, we can’t quote you because it can end up being un accurate. 

#2 – So that we can provide you with the most amount of value in the consultation as possible. We want to hit the ground running when we meet you. Yes we will be going deep into your needs and desires, but having an idea of the direction you’re looking for before we meet can really help us in providing you with clear and unique solutions.

So, if you don’t mind, please take the extra 2 minutes to submit your ideas below.

Now I know we’ve already asked you for your name. But please make sure you provide us with your name again below when you submit your design ideas. We want to make 110% sure that the design you submit is in actual fact YOURS so that we can provide you with the appropriate solutions in your free consultation. 

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You can now continue to schedule a time that suits you and your partner for your free consultation.

And yes, you do please need to provide us with your information again.

This time it’s so that we can ensure you get your calendar invitation and reminders leading up to the consultation.

Can’t wait to meet you!

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